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FAQ: What makes your company different from other manufacturers?

A: Our research indicates there are six primary ways to differentiate, including product, service, channels of distribution, good customer service, reputation/image, and price. Also, we do our best to provide quality as well as quantity as per the customer's demand.

At last, Better Service is obvious here.

FAQ: Will you dispose of my old staircase when you remove it?

A: Disposing debris is an optional service we offer. If you did not purchase it, then you have to arrange by yourself to discard the debris.

FAQ: How long does it take to make a staircase that is ready to be installed?

A: As per demand of the customer, we try our best to make it ready as soon as possible but due to higher flow of orders we usually give a time frame of 3-4 weeks to make the staircase ready for installation.

FAQ: What are the minimum requirements for the stairs to pass inspection?

A: Stairs must be at least 36" wide with a minimum headroom of 6' 8" Risers must have a maximum height of 7 ¾" and open risers must be 4" high or shorter. Each tread in a stair must have a minimum depth of 10". The treads of curved staircases must not be less than 6" deep.

Also, The height over stairs – Clause of the Ontario Building Code states that clearance above each tread should be at least 77 inches for a standard residential home and 82 inches for others. The average height in Ontario is around 5'11 (71 inches).

FAQ: When should the staircase should be installed i.e. before/after finishing of the drywall?

A: Ideally you should install after the drywall is taped and primed, and before finished flooring goes in. Installation may make some nicks in your drywall, but there's nothing that can't be covered by your painters in their final painting. This allows your finished flooring to butt-up to the stair trim.

FAQ: Why does red oak cost less than white oak?

A: Red oak trees are plentiful in Canada, and staircase manufacturers i.e. our company stock oak parts in high quantity, therefore those will cost less. But white oak is lesser in quantity, so that is why it costs more. The higher the quantity, the lower the cost, just like for red oak.

FAQ: Which material has the best value?

A: Red oak, pine & poplar trees are the most commonly used material with interior wood products.The higher the availability in material, the lower the cost. We (Bubugao) stock a wide variety of red oak, pine, hickory & poplar stair parts. Therefore red oak, pine, and poplar have the best values.

FAQ: Can I install the flooring before the stairs?

A: We recommend you to wait until after your stairs are installed to install your flooring. You can install your flooring before the stairs, but the flooring may need to cut back. If it's prefinished, you risk damage of the finish.

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